Breakdown showing a quick look at Diablo, Incubus, and the set extension of the train station interior.

Here is a breakdown showcasing a couple things I painted including Incubus and the subway environment set extension. 

Suicide Squad:

This is my first film in the DCU. It was a small team at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Justin Holt and myself were a two man team on this project. My assets included two fully CG characters (Incubus and Mega Diablo) as well as a ton of digi doubles, props, vehicles, buildings, and interior set extensions for the last third of the film. I also had the honor of designing shirts and patches for the crew.

Here is a list of some of the assets I painted on Suicide Squad.

*Incubus and his armor

*Mega Diablo

*Full train station interior set extension both damaged and undamaged

*Subway platform set extension

*Humvee, police car, misc other vehicles

*Digi doubles for el diablo, policeman, doctor, construction worker, and businessman