I lead a team of over 20+ artists on R.I.P.D. To complete a series of upwards of 30 characters including full bodies with clothing as well as head replacements for onset actors. Nicolas Barnes was my co-lead on the show responsible for the hard surface portion of our work. Though I contributed to several of the "deados" my main focus throughout the show was Kevin Bacon's character Hayes. I painted all maps related to his skin as well as some sculpt work. I developed both his deado version as well as his normal Kevin Bacon version in tandem updating and reworking them simultaneously. Toward the end of the show, Kevin and Hayes were passed off to the capable hands of Cheri Fojtik for some crack exploration (which was later nixed),some added details to the face, and general end of show tweaks and updates.  Other than Mr. Bacon I also painted and sculpted the skin for the multi-mouthed deado seen below. Only a very rough concept of his look was given so It left up to me to add details and sculpt variation as I saw fit. I also painted maps for the multi-armed girl (seen below), the cut up Asian woman, the saggy skinned granny, mouth sewn shut girl, Julia's digital double and a head replacement. I shared work on several of those characters with a number of artists on my team. On top of that character work, we also had a enormous amount of hard surface and environment work. I was evolved in the painting of the parking garage, the orb, the R.I.P.D. car door and a couple of other items.