Finally the Seventh Son trailer is out. I was part of the texture team on this project for a short while right after R.I.P.D. Many of the creatures and characters looked fantastic and it was fun to work on. I painted the Bear (as seen on frame 0:47) and helped paint the two dragon creatures. For one of the dragons (Bony Lizzy) I worked on adding wing detail like veins, skin patterns, spot patterns and claw paint and sculpt work, as well as a few other misc tasks. Also, for the Mother Malkin creature I worked mostly on her metal armor paint and sculpt as well as her claws and mouth.

Found this article of Full Sails recognition of this years oscar winning alumni. It's fantastic simply to be mentioned in the article as so many full sail students were recognized for their outstanding contributions this year. Here's to all my fellow full sailors! 

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Ive submitted a couple ideas to threadless for t-shirt designs. It's a fun outlet and something I've found I really enjoy doing. I'm sure there will be plenty more of these to come but here are the two Ive got up for voting now. If you like them, go to threadless and vote!

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