Its finally here. It's always nice to see the stuff you've worked on released for the public. My team and I worked on R.I.P.D. for well over a year, and turned out a huge number of characters, buildings, cars.. you name it. The work done in this film is unlike any other done by Rhythm and Hues up until the point and it took a lot of R&D well before the show even started for us to figure out how we were going to do it. I'm responsible for the paint work done on many of the characters including Kevin Bacon's character "Hayes" who is a fully digital for the entire last sequence of the movie. I also painted the skin for a number of other characters including multimouth and the girl with three hands who was also partially painted by Shreya Shetty ( briefly seen on 2:32). A great big thanks to the whole crew of painters who helped out on this show.. It wouldn't have looked nearly as good or have been done in such an efficient, timely manner without all of your hard work and talent. It was my pleasure working with all of you!

AuthorReilly Lohr