This breakdown includes the seconds! Time's robot minions that i helped paint. 

Alice: Through the looking glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass was the first show I worked on at Sony Imageworks. I was interviewed in Los Angeles and moved to Vancouver to start my SPI stint on this project. I was one of an eight person texture team and I'm happy to say thanks to that team it was one of the most fun projects I've worked on to date. My role was mostly as a character painter though I was also able to paint a handful of props and some environment pieces as well. Here is a list of some of the assets I painted.

*Tweedledee and dum, old young and child versions as well as there clothing

*Times robots, sec A,E,&F

*The young white rabbit and his outfit (blue stripped jacket, vest, and pink tie)

*Vegetable soldier, including three body variations, and over 15 different sets of beard and mustache variations

*Bloodhound Old, Young, and Kid. Started with the original maps from the first Alice, spent time updating the faces especially for close up shots, special attention was given to the nose, lips and eye areas.

*The Time digidouble as well as his mechanical head.

*Madhatter digidouble in his safari outfit.

*White queens horse, detail motivated updates to the face and snout.

*White queens table tree

*Some of the gears and assembly pieces of Times castle interior

*Underlandians Living and Dead gates inside time's castle

*Over-sized mantle and fireplace barrier in the backwards room.


    phrenology bust

    red queens music box

    young hatters conkers

    red queens binoculars